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As the MIC (mom in charge) of the original test crew for STACYC, I was asked to list out some of my favorite features of a STACYC Stability Cycle.  I think the first and foremost is the weight of the bike.  At only 17 or 19 lbs. (I couldn’t tell you the difference) the bikes are very light.  As a motorcycle family, we have been around off-road motorcycles, electric trials bikes, bicycles, and balance bikes, and I know one of my biggest issues with the motorcycles and electric bikes is the weight and speed of them.  When we started, I got to observe how much of an impact the weight has on the stress level of the child trying to learn to handle a 60-100lb bike vs the 17-19 lb. STACYC.  The kids are going to fall over, and I can’t put into words how much less stressful it becomes, when your child just dusts themselves off and picks the bike up and continues on.

The scale, the power, the smiles. Non-intimidating.The scale, the power, the smiles. Non-intimidating.

How about the 3-staged power levels?   When Ryan introduced me to the low power and speed of the “training mode,” I couldn’t help but just giggle and smile.  So much stress was lifted during the initial phase of my little ones learning to use power because it became so un-intimidating,…for me.  I can only imagine how much lower the stress levels were for the numerous children I have witnessed my husband teach to ride with the STACYC training mode.  Normally, you see the kids just grab the throttle of a motorcycle and “twist” it full open, and all sorts of carnage happens.  With the STACYC training mode, an adult can easily teach them at a much lower power and speed.  Training mode is barely a jog for an adult, so it is remarkably “tame”.   Overall, there is just tremendous amounts of smiling, laughing, and giggling.  After the initial training mode, you will see them quickly advance to the medium setting, and the kids just love it and love the freedom and independence the STACYC provides.

In addition to the weight, power and speed, I realized the basic concept of the low seat height and the importance of keeping the child close to the ground and allowing the child to utilize their feet as a stability mechanism for as long as possible.  This simple fact that the seat height is so low, the child always feels safe because they can easily touch the ground at all times.  This is not normally something that can be easily done with a standard 12″-16″ bicycle, so we just used the STACYC until they have so many repetitions and seat time that their balance and coordination just makes the transition to a bicycle super easy.  Both my little boys never had training wheels, and when my 4th child Thomas decided he wanted to ride a regular bicycle, he basically just got on and rode away.


But my number one, favorite thing about the STACYC is,…its ability to replace the running stroller.  I have been a runner for all of my adult life.  We have 4 kids and let’s just say I have gone through my fair share of strollers.  So many that Ryan would cringe every time he came home and saw me putting together my next stroller that was going to help my run’s be easier pushing, not just one, but two kiddos at times.  Any mom (or dad) that does their share of miles and has had to push a stroller, knows how much that stroller takes the fun out of the run.  Ever since STACYC was born, my favorite thing is going on a 5-6 mile run and having my kids ride alongside me and not have to push a stroller.  With the STACYC being so light, and no pedals, we can fit them in my Flex and take them on the go.  My little guys love twisting the throttle and I get my run in, it is a WIN WIN!!

Go for a real run.

Go for a REAL run.

Brandy Ragland

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